A marvelous temple of the Seventeenth Century for Lord Srinivasa. Ariyakkudi is a small hamlet in the prestigious Chettinadu Zone of the Sivagangai District in the state of Tamilnadu in southern most part of India. When you travel from Karaikudi to another town Devakottai you come across a tall tower gopuram of this temple dedicated to lord Srinivasa called by the name of Thiruvenkadamudaiyan also. Thiruvenkadamudaiyan means The Lord Who has Thiruppathy Thirumala as His aboard.

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An Earnest Appeal from Dr. Justice AR. Lakshmanan

Dr. Justice
AR. Lakshmanan

    “ I ,as the chairman of the Renovation Committee and the Founder Trustee/ President of the Ariyakkudi Srinivsa Perumal Trust earnestly make an appeal to all devotees of Lord Venkateswara to donate liberally to this noble cause, the Consecration of this temple scheduled to be held on Monday the 26th march 2018.
    A few words for your consideration: The HR & CE the arm of the Tamilnadu Government to look after the affairs of the Hindu temples prepared a chart of the olden temples in Tamilnadu. After examination of historical records they have found that Ariyakkudi Srinivasa Perumal temple was built in the 17th century. The Archeological Department of India by carefully examining the historical evidence has fixed the date of this temple to be more than 200 years ago. Whatever the date of temple be, I bring to your kind notice that it was built by a single and single-minded person in those olden days who put in all his might to build a temple to Almighty Srinivasa Perumal.
    His birth as a Saivite did not deter his zeal to worship Venkateswara of the just opposite Vishnu tradition and more to build a huge temple for him. The fact that the hamlet is called Ariyakkudi meaning the aboard of Hari might have had an impact on his ardent devotion. His devotion to Thirumala temple was duly recognized by the Thirumala temple authorities. They donated the Utsav Moorthy worshiped by the great Saint Ramanuja himself and the sadari to this temple. Such was the bakthi and devotion of the man.

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Moolakarudan Sannathi

    On the North East corner of the temple is the Garuda Sannidhi. Every month on the Swathi star day, a special Thirumanjana, with 108 sacred Kudam, is performed for Garuda, who is said to remove doshams and enemies.


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